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Privacy Driveway Gate Metal Frame Wood Slats for Privacy Yard Privacy Fencing
Wooden Privacy Aluminum Driveway Gate easy Installation How to Build a Privacy Gate
Privacy Driveway Gate with Metal Frame and Wood Insert
A Gate for Privacy Yard Easy Privacy Gate Installation
Metal Frame Wooden Privacy Panel Insert
Ornamental Driveway gates are both beautiful and
functional, while enhancing your property values.  
The entrance to your home or business begins at
the driveway and there is no better first impression
than a formal entrance.  Beyond the beauty of a
driveway gate is the added security and privacy!  

Swing gates are by far the most impressive entrance
a property can have but as you see here we bring
this exceptional look to a sliding driveway Gate.   
The elegance of these gates can be further
enhanced with decorative elements such as seen
here by adding tongue and groove wood panels this
panels can be stain in an array of colors including
the metal frame.

Anyone can build a Privacy driveway gate for a
fence. All it takes is a phone call.  Insert Materials
are available in most stores that sell treated lumber
for a driveway gate we can supply you with the metal
framing for the DIY. Insert the driveway gate
Wooden slats. These are flat pieces of lumber that
make up the face of the driveway gate. Slide them
one by one into the groove made in the frame. If the
driveway gate is curved, be sure to start with the
smaller pieces and work your way up to the larger
ones. Once all the slats are inserted, bolt the Outer
Frame. But we can and would love to build your gate
complete and offer both way.
All our Custom Framing are made from High Strenght Aluminum. All joints are welded and ground in our metal shop.
We have a large supply of Molds for varying shapes and sizes to meet your custom needs. Do not hesitate to let us
know your custom Frame design and we will build it for you. Send us a sketch for review and we will quote it for
you or simply pick from one of our design.