Commercial Phone Access System By Linear
#40 - #41 -#50  Goose neck - Solar
24/7 Timer          Signal Receivers
Pool Magnetic Gate
Latch with Safety Key
Remote Controls Multi-Code  
Linear Mini remotes
Extended Range Antenna
Custom Decorative Ornamental Wrought Iron and Aluminum Driveway Gates
Gate Openers-Gate Operators, Top Brands,Power Master,Eagle,Elite,RamSet,DoorKing,OSCO,SEA
Custom Decorative Ornamental Estate Metal Driveway Gates
Driveway Entry Gate Design Swing Sliding Ranch Entrance Gates
Slide Gate Custom Metal Gates Entrances Wrought Iron
Privacy Gates,Privacy Driveway Gates,Metal Backing,Wood Insert,Privay Panels
Aluminum Picket Fence, Pool Fence, Security Pool Fence
Custom Fence Wrought Iron Fence Fencing Metal Design Steel Ornamental
Garden Gates, Walk Thru Gates, Garden Walk Through Gates, Wrought Iron or Aluminum Iron Garden Walk Gates
Deck Railings, Iron Railings,Porch Railings,Balcony Railings,Hand Rails, Aluminum or Wrought Iron Metal Railings
Control Boards, Main Circuit Boards, MotherBoards, Main Control Circuit Boards for Gate Operators
Remote Controls Multi-Code Linear Liftmaster Chamberlain Clicker Mini Transmitter Heddolf Skylink
Remote Controls Keypad Card Raders Access Control
Gate Accessories - Roller Guides, Wheels, Hinges, Latches
Gate Openers or Operators Parts - Replacement Parts
remotes Keypad
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Rubber Roller Guides | Exit Wand | Wireless System | Siren Operated Sensor
Automatic Magnetic Pool Safety Gate Latch with Key, Pool Code required latch to be set no lees than 54
Gate Access Control Commercial and Residential Telephone entry System
Safety Photo Cell Residential,for Commercial Safety Photo Cell use OMRON
Exterior Keypad,Interior Keypad, up to 480 code Wire orWwireless
Commercial Telephone entrance System,Commercial Phone Entry
Telephone Entry System,Residential Phone Intercom
Pool Code Gate Latch available with key or without,for pool code spring loaded hinge are need
Aluminum Spring loaded For Self Closing Spring is Stailess Steel Will meet Pool Code White,Black and Bronse
Commercial Photo Cell,Safety Photo cell,Sensor,Reflector Sensor,OMRON
Gate latch
Goose Neck
Linear Receiver,Signal Receiver,Remote Control Receiver,300MHZ,310MHZ
Multi code Reciver,Signal Receiver,Remote Control Receiver,310MHZ,300MHZ
Large Screen for large Complex or Institution
Linear 310Mhz also available in 318 Mhz one button two button 4 button remote controls
Interior Keypad Not for Exterior
Multi-code Remote Control single button,300MHZ also Available in 310 Mhz
Goose Neck Stand,Slab mount, Burial Goose Neck,Stand for Card Reader
Touch Plate Cards
Wiegand Output Receiver WOR Linear Access Control Device
Residential Phone Entrance System,Tely-Entry,Home Entrance System,Intercom Home System
Commercial Phone Access System By Select Engineering
Residential Phone Entry System By Linear
Keypads- wire and
Exterior By Linear
AAS,American Access System,Intercome System,Phone Entrance
Digital Keypad,Wireless Keypad,Interior Keypad,Exterior Keypad
Wireless Phone Entrance System - Wireless Keypad - ASS American Acccess System
Access Control,Card Readers,Proximity Card Raeders,Control Entry,Readers
No Additional Phone Line Needed - Keypad - Phone Entry System
American ccess System Exterior Keypad
Touch Plate Card Reader From American Access System
Ketpad to be rset a gang box
LiftMaster Remote Control 315Mhz Elite Gate Openers comes with this Frequency Receiver Factory Install
LiftMaster Wire and Wireless KeyPad this is a 4 pin code other with more security are available
Extended Range Antenas Better Reception From YourWireless Remote Control
Extended Antenna - Radio Signal Extender - Receiver Extra Range Antenna
American Access System Commercial Keypads
Proximity Card Readers Residential Phone Entry System
Residential Phone Entrance System,Phone Intercom,Phone Entry
Firger Print Access System,Restricted Entry System,Access Control
Commercial Phone Access,Telephone Entry System,Access Control
Commercial Access Control Phone Entrance System,Tely-Entry,Phone Access
Residential Phone Access Syatem,Phone Intercom,Ketpad Entry,Keypad Access
Finger Print Recognition
Access System Select
Select Engineered Logo
Sentex Residential Phone Entry System,Phone Intercom Access Control
Residential Phone Access System By Select Engineering
Sentex Commercial  Phone Entrance,Tely-entry,Phone Access System
Sentex Multy Tenent Phone Access,Phone Access Control
Multi Tenent Access Control Phone Entry System,Tely-Entry
Proximity Card ReaderTouch Plate  By Sentex -- Access Card Reader
Residential Phone Entry
System By
MiniKey, Plain Keypad for Access Control
Touch Plate Cards HID A programable deck is need
Prokey Keypad Access Control System
Keypads and Proximity
Card Readers By Sentex
KeyPads and Proximity Card Readers By
Americam Access System
Wireless Multi Code 4 Pin Code Receiver
Multi-Code Wire Keypad easy to install with 4 # pin code
Residential Telephone Entrance System,Intercom Phone System,Phone Entry
Wire and
Proximity Cards By Sentex
For your Garden Gate this thumb latch works great
Slide Bolt Gate Latch
Warning Sign Needed in every gate that installs a gate opener it's the law
Sliding Gate Opener Chain #40 - #41 - #50  Check to make sure you buy the correct one
Battery for most brands of gate openers
Linear Mini Remote Control 310Mhz Key Chain Wireless Remote Control
Extended Range
Gate Drop Bar use for Double Gate in conjuction with a gate latch
Gravety gate latch in steel,stainless steel you can also special order in powder coat
Large Heavy Duty 5/8
Sensor Device for Exit loops Safety Loop
Loop Sensor EMX Composed of 2 parts kit Wire and sensor,sensor with hardness
Loop to pave over or drive over it -- Not to saw cut LoopSensor Device
Saw Cut Or Pave over sensor wire, Sensor Device Need
Groove Wheels 3
Exit Wand Great for existing Gate No need to cut or pave over just set it by the side of the driveway
Rack and Pinion Track in lenght of 39
Key Switch Open and Close your gate with this small switch
Magnetic Gate Lock Addition Security with this Mag Lock
Exit Wand EMX 101 with sensor built in, sensor gate opener and 202  built in sensor for larger area
Rack & Pinion
Gate Roller Guides in White Hard Plastic and Black Rubber, 3
Gate Top Roller Guides in Hard Plstic White - Rubber in Black
AAS :: American Access System
Commercial Phone Entry By Sentex - Tely-Entry
480 Code by linear also has a built in receiver to worr with the p4
Linear Mega Code receiver
Optional 24/7 Timer Gate Opener Timer External Timer Event Timer
Fire Deparment Bos contains a Micro Switch to Activate the gate
S.O.S Siren Activated Sensor Emergency Vehicle Sensor
Aiphone Monitor in Black and white Color is also available
Camera Optional Infrared
For a second unit wiyh communication only no visual - Add another station up to 3 unit total including main monitor
Camera Option
Camera Option Color OrBlack and White
Secondary unit with communication only no visual
Secondary Monitor unit this system can have upto 3 unit including Main Monitor
Second Monitor Unit can be install with this unit Residential Phone entry system
Vidio Memory will record this unit also available with motion sensor device
Main monitor Unit
Main Monitor up to two additional monitors
Main Monitor up to 2 additional monitors
Infrared, CCD camera
Solar Panel for all Elite Gate Opener Robo Swing Robo Slide Large Panel 64watts
Warning Signs
Main Control Boards for most of the top brand of gate openers,Power Master,Elite,Eagle,Ramset,SEA,DoorKing,Faac
Electronic Boards

Aiphone has become the most respected and reliable brand of communication systems in the world. Aiphone Co. Limited in Nagoya, Japan
exports to over 60 countries. Aiphone Corporation is the Sales, Marketing and Distribution center for North America, and Aiphone S.A.S. is
their sales and Distribution center for the European market.

Systems for Every Applications
Aiphone products range from simple do-it-yourself door answering units to sophisticated video entry security systems, complex
microprocessor-based commercial systems, and luxury condo/apartment security/communication systems. They are unrivaled in design
simplicity, technical excellence and reliability.
With over 30 standard systems, and additional manufacturing by special order, we can create a system for virtually any intercom application.

Designed to Last
Every Aiphone system is the result of painstaking attention to detail: contemporary European style design, the finest quality hardware and
circuitry, engineered, built and 100% pre-tested for sustained trouble free service.

ISO 9001
Aiphone is the first intercom manufacturer worldwide to receive ISO 9001 certification, and the only one selling in North America. An agency
representing the International Standards Organization (ISO), headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, graded Aiphone against guidelines for
design and development, production, and product inspection and testing. ISO 9001 standards provide an immediate recognition of product
quality almost anywhere in the world.

ISO 14001
ISO's Environmental Standards are a series of voluntary standards and guideline reference documents which include environmental
management systems, eco-labeling, environmental auditing, life cycle assessment, environmental performance evaluation, and
environmental aspects in products standards.
In early 1998, our management team determined to acquire ISO- 14001 approval as a company-wide project, and working committee was
established at the same time. Since then, with our ongoing efforts and practice about environmental management standards, we have
succeeded to acquire the approval
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